Author Topic: SIP line '0049xxxxxxxxxxxx' logon timeout  (Read 4223 times)


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SIP line '0049xxxxxxxxxxxx' logon timeout
« on: October 02, 2019, 04:18:58 AM »
I'm running Yate 6.0 on an OpenWrt driven router. I have 4 SIP accounts with 2 SIP providers (defined in accfile.conf) and several IP phones (defined in regfile.conf). All other configuration values are pretty standard.

So far the system works as expected, but the warning message in the subject is irritating me. It appears with varying frequency for all SIP accounts: sometimes there are 5 to 15 messages within an hour, sometimes only 10 to 20 messages within a day.

I really don't know who's to blame for these warning messages:
- the servers of the SIP provider
- the quality of the internet connection between me and the SIP provider
- my yate configuration

So my first question is (others will follow depending on the answers): what triggers/influences the appearence of the timeout message?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.