Author Topic: Client does not accept a name instead of a number in dialstring for IAX  (Read 2763 times)


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Hi everyone,

for SIP accounts, instead of a phone number I can enter a subscriber name known by the server into the dial string field.

For IAX accounts, however, only phone numbers are accepted. Names are blocked immediately; the yate client does not even try to contact the server.

==> Any suggestions what I have to change in order to get names accepted for IAX?

BTW, with some other software (zoiper), names are o.k. But i do very much prefer yate.
BTW2, I need to use IAX, because these calls require just a single UDP connection (combined signalling and audio).

For testing I have set up an IAX server for the moment, which everyone may try:
  Use provider: -none-
  Protocol: iax
  Username: yatetest
  Password: yatetest
  Server:    (standard iax port :4569)

This server answers to any dialed number or string (min length 2 chars) and plays an announcement.

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Username composed of other characters than digits is supported.
Can you please post a yate log with sniffer enabled?

You may start yate client with -l command line option to log (program name is yate-qt4).

Simpler log:
Menu Settings -> Debug Window
In Debug Window check 'Debug Here', "IAX' and 'Message Sniffer'
Start the registration
Uncheck 'Debug Here' when registration ends.
Copy/paste the contents of the debug window.