Author Topic: Round Robin in regexroute.conf  (Read 1748 times)


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Round Robin in regexroute.conf
« on: January 07, 2016, 05:13:12 AM »

I dont understand why this
^.*$=fork $(index,$idx00,|sip/sip:\0@62.XXX.XX.XX0:5065,|sip/sip:\0@213.XX.XX.XX0:5065)
not works

It should distribute all incomming calls to more than one telephonie systems

I followed your example in the documentation

If I dont use round robin, like this
it works fine

Here the Log
20160107114728.768263 <sip/2:ALL> YateSIPConnection::YateSIPConnection(0x6e69800658f0,0x6e6980065090) [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.768731 <sip/2:ALL> NAT address is '(null)' [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.769961 <sip/2:ALL> Set media: audio=alaw,mulaw [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.771294 <INFO> Classifying caller '+493512XXXXX' in context 'inbound' in 273 usec
20160107114728.771470 <cdrbuild:INFO> Got message 'call.route' for untracked id 'sip/2'
20160107114728.772071 <INFO> Routing call to '+493518XXXXXX' in context 'inbound' via 'fork |sip/sip:+493518XXXXXX@213.XX.XX.XX0:5065' in 355 usec
20160107114728.772146 <sip/2:ALL> NAT address is '(null)' [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.772928 <callfork:MILD> Call 'sip/2' ignoring modifier 'sip/sip:+493518XXXXXX@213.XX.XX.XX0:5065'
20160107114728.772989 <sip/2:ALL> YateSIPConnection::disconnected() '(null)' [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.773215 <sip/2:MILD> Call rejected error='(null)' reason='(null)' [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.775265 <sip/2:ALL> YateSIPConnection::hangup() state=0 trans=0x6e6980065090 error='failure' code=500 reason='(null)' [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.775379 <sip/2:ALL> YateSIPConnection::~YateSIPConnection() [0x6e6980065d40]
20160107114728.775687 <sip:INFO> 'udp:' sending code 500 0x3927af0 to 85.XXX.XXX.206:5060 [0x390ddb0]


20160107111057.003374 <sip/1:ALL> YateSIPConnection::YateSIPConnection(0x6e6980058090,0x6e6980059f90) [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.003981 <sip/1:ALL> NAT address is '(null)' [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.005136 <sip/1:ALL> Set media: audio=alaw,mulaw [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.006194 <INFO> Classifying caller '+493512XXXXX' in context 'inbound' in 236 usec
20160107111057.006602 <cdrbuild:INFO> Got message 'call.route' for untracked id 'sip/1'
20160107111057.007068 <INFO> Routing call to '+493518XXXXXX' in context 'inbound' via 'fork |sip/sip:+493518XXXXXX@62.XXX.XX.XX0:5065' in 340 usec
20160107111057.007241 <sip/1:ALL> NAT address is '(null)' [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.008891 <callfork:MILD> Call 'sip/1' ignoring modifier 'sip/sip:+493518XXXXXX@62.XXX.XX.XX0:5065'
20160107111057.008921 <sip/1:ALL> YateSIPConnection::disconnected() '(null)' [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.009072 <sip/1:MILD> Call rejected error='(null)' reason='(null)' [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.009426 <sip/1:ALL> YateSIPConnection::hangup() state=0 trans=0x6e6980059f90 error='failure' code=500 reason='(null)' [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.009464 <sip/1:ALL> YateSIPConnection::~YateSIPConnection() [0x6e698005a480]
20160107111057.010929 <sip:INFO> 'udp:' sending code 500 0x3925ba0 to [0x390ddb0]

Thank you for your advice


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Re: Round Robin in regexroute.conf
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2016, 01:44:27 AM »
The pipe character '|' is a target by itself.
In your case you should either insert a space between | and next target or remove the pipe character: you have only one target.

More that that:
Since you have only one target you don't need the fork module, just route the call to sip:


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Re: Round Robin in regexroute.conf
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2016, 02:22:45 AM »
Thanks for your advice

it works fine