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Yate on OpenWRT
« on: February 17, 2016, 11:30:39 AM »
I added Yate in menuconfig. In the terminal when I type yate i get the following (see below).

root@mylinkit:/# yate
Yate (2559) is starting Wed Feb 17 17:27:31 2016
2016-02-17_17:27:31.493213 <WARN> Engine::loadPlugins() failed directory '/usr/lib/yate'
2016-02-17_17:27:31.493525 <WARN> Engine::loadPlugins() failed directory '/usr/lib/yate/server'
Initializing plugins
Initialization complete
Yate engine is initialized and starting up on mylinkit

I checked, and I do not have the folders it is looking for. This is all I have.

root@mylinkit:/# find / -name yate

Anyone have any ideas why OpenWRT does not install everything ?

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