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YateBTS / YateBTS USRP support
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:12:31 AM »
I have been looking around a bit now to understand if there's a way to make YateBTS work with the USRP B200 SDR.

I looked into the documentation and found this info which I think is outdated (

You will also need to modify the Path in the [transceiver] section, depending on the transceiver used. The example below shows the necessary set-up when using the bladeRF transceiver. ./transceiver is a link to ./transceiver-bladerf.

;Path to the transceiver relative to where MBTS is started.
;Should be one of: ./transceiver-bladerf ./transceiver-rad1 ./transceiver-usrp1 ./transceiver-uhd.
;Defaults to ./transceiver

I also found this old post which says something similar to the quote above:

The file ybts.conf now says:
; In newer versions of YateBTS the transceiver is no longer an external executable.
; The "gsmtrx" Yate module implements the device independent transceiver logic and
;  uses the configuration from this section.
; The radio device is implemented in another Yate module named "ybladerf". If you
;  need to configure board specific parameters please edit ybladerf.conf

Does this mean that YateBTS is now only compatible with the BladeRF?

If not, how could I run it with a USRP SDR?

Thank you very much for your attention

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