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Yate users hangout place / yate as small pbx: context routing questions
« on: October 04, 2017, 06:14:19 AM »
Hi All,

Im watching the YATE Project since a while now. Right now I have my first litte use case.

I am building a small PBX for home use and may have some help guiding me.

I want to stick with regexroute.conf,accfile.conf and regfile.conf

As far as I understood a context in regexroute is just a section with route objectives/permissions wich can be chained together to form calling permissions. Great

So based on the calling number in [context] I can set permission.

Code: [Select]

; some stuff here

^.*$=echo context:$context ${type} ${username} ${sip_to} called is ${called}:${calledname} from                  ${callername}:${caller}

This Works Great..
according to the guide the 'context' is a parameter
according to the regfile.conf docu I can set/modify any call.route parameter to a user


Code: [Select]

IMHO should set the required conntext for a call comming in from this user
but this does not work

Im a using Yate 5.0.0 1 r5675

Could somebody help me with this?

best regards

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